Inspiring Scholarship through Collaborative Learning

We are committed to fostering excellent scholarship in order to enrich our understanding of human behaviour in organisations and to have a meaningful impact on local and international communities.

Our values

Ongoing Learning and Development

We provide opportunities throughout the year for the development of relevant knowledge, skills and abilities of members and friends. A core part of the activities of our group is the four different types of events that we host: The Compass Seminar Series; The Paper Development Series; Professional Development Workshops; and LOB Classics Reading Group.

Collaboration and Support

Through collaboration and mutual support, we help one another realise our goals of producing excellent research that has an impact on professional practice and the wider community. Through our workshops we capitalize on each others' strengths, and in doing so, we all learn through the process.

Reach Out to the Scholarly Community

We have a keen interest in reaching out to other research groups within the broader scholarly community. We regularly invite guest speakers to our events, and all of our events are open to anyone to attend.

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