Members Leadership and Organisational Behaviour Research Group

Adrian Madden

  • Meaningful work
  • Work engagement
  • Temporality and organisations
  • Women and the informal economy developing country contexts

Antoinette St. Hilaire 

  • Relational race class and gender intersectionality practices
  • Career support
  • Social capital 

Aaron Van Klyton

  • Institutional capacity building
  • Technology in organisations
  • Multilevel governance and intergovernmental relations (alternate: e-government ecosystems)

Barry Curnow 

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Leadership

Birgit Pauksztat 

  • Interpersonal relations
  • Social network analysis
  • Perceived problems and ways of dealing with problems in organizations

Cecile Emery

  • Leadership
  • Relationships between leaders and followers
  • Social network analysis

Colin Coulson-Thomas

  • Director, board and business development
  • Corporate learning, governance and sustainability
  • Change, knowledge and talent management

Crystal Tsay

  • Educational gamification
  • Knowledge management in project teams
  • Cross cultural learning and adaptation

David Gray

  • Research methods
  • Management learning (particularly coaching and mentoring)
  • Factors that contribute to SME success

Kyle Ingram

  • Relational ambivalence
  • Leadership
  • Forgiveness

Nataliya Rumyantseva

  • Culture change
  • Deviance
  • Ethics
  • Joanna Molyn-Blanchfield 
    • Effectiveness of coaching
    • Coaching in higher education
    • Employability
  • Belinda Vigors  
    • Performance-related pay
    • Risk behaviours
    • Behavioural Science

Leadership and Organisational Behaviour Research Group is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.