Our experts Public Services International Research Unit

Many of our members are recognised as international experts in their fields both by academic peers and by the relevant communities. The team consists of:

Prof. Sian Moore
Director, Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU)

Dr. Jane Lethbridge 
Principal Lecturer PSIRU
Privatisation and outsourcing of public services, including health and social care; social dialogue; digitalisation and future work; democratic professionalism in public services

Prof. David Hall
Visiting Professor, PSIRU associate
Impact of liberalisation and privatisation on public services, especially water and energy; public-private partnerships; trade agreements and public services; corruption

Dr. Emanuele Lobina
Principal Lecturer PSIRU
Comparative efficiency of public and private water operators; public–public partnerships; remunicipalisation

Prof. Steve Thomas
Professor, Energy Policy, PSIRU associate
Economics and policy on nuclear power; liberalisation of energy markets; corporate policies of European energy companies.

Sandra Van Niekerk
PSIRU Associate
Public services in Africa; renewable energy, especially the role of municipal governments

Vera Weghmann
PSIRU Research Fellow
Public Services, waste management, energy policy and energy democracy, remunicipalisation, public ownership, privatisation, company research 


Public Services International Research Unit is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.