Latest reports:

Weghmann, V. (2020) Taking our Public Services Back in House. A Remunicipalisation Guide for Workers and Trade Unions. Public Services International.

Weghmann, Vera (2020) Safe Jobs in the Circular Economy. Health and Safety in Waste and Waste-Water Management. EPSU.

Hall, David. (2020) Deaths and outsourcing: lessons from the Serco cases. PSIRU.

Hall, David, Lister, John and Mercer, Helen (2020) Privatised and Unprepared: The NHS Supply Chain.

Lethbridge, Jane and Ainley, Patrick (2020), The COVID-19 Crisis and the Future of Tertiary Education: A Green Paper, Unpublished.

Weghmann, Vera. (2020) Africa: Private waste service failure and alternative vision. In: Kishimoto, S. et al (eds.) The Future is Public. TNI.

Weghmann, Vera (2019), Going Public: A Decarbonised, Affordable and Democratic Energy System for Europe, EPSU. (doi

Weghmann, Vera (2019), People's Public Transport Policy. Public Financing, International Transport Workers' Federation. (doi

Lobina, Emanuele , Weghmann, Vera, Marwa, Marwa (2019), Water justice will not be televised: Moral advocacy and the struggle for transformative remunicipalisation in Jakarta, Water Alternatives Association. pp. 725-748 1965-0175 (Online) (doi: Published.

Lethbridge, Jane (2019), The case for a National Care Service, Unpublished

Hall, David and Weghmann, Vera (2019), Public ownership, benefits and compensation I: benefits of nationalisation of UK water and energy girds and legal and economic issues in determining compensation, PSIRU. (doi Published.

Hall, David and Weghmann, Vera (2019), Public ownership, benefits and compensation II: Pension funds and employee ownership of water and energy grid companies, PSIRU. Published.

Hall, David and Weghmann, Vera (2019), Public ownership, benefits and compensation III: the potential risk of legal action under BITs or ECT over compensation for nationalisation of water and energy grid companies, PSIRU. Published.

Lobina, Emanuele (2019), For another idea of efficiency in the water sector, University of Greenwich. (doi Published.

Weghmann, Vera and Lobina, Emanuele (2018), Water Renationalisation in Cameroon 2018, Public Services International. (doi

Weghmann, Vera and Van Niekerk, Sandra (2018), Municipal solid waste management services in Africa and Arab countries, PSI. (doi

Lobina, Emanuele (2018), Commentary on the European Commission's "Study on Water Services in Selected Member States", European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU). (doi

Lethbridge, Jane (2017), Municipal Solid Waste Management Services in Latin America, Public Services International (PSI). Published.

Lethbridge, Jane (2017), Privatisation of migration and refugee services and other forms of state disengagement, Public Services International (PSI). (doi Published.

Lethbridge, Jane (2017), Recruitment and Retention in Social Services: Unlocking the sector's recruitment potential, Social Services Europe. (doi Published.

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