The Tourism Research Centre is an inter-disciplinary network of academics, researchers and research students who have a particular interest in any aspects of tourism studies.

The Centre was launched in October 2016 and through a variety of its activities, and in particular through this web page, seminars and workshop series, the Tourism Research Centre aims to:

  • stimulate debate
  • inspire new collaborative and individual research, consultancy and knowledge transfer projects, publications and funding bids among its members
  • attract PhD study level students.

The multi-faceted nature of tourism as an academic field of studies is matched by the members' own varied backgrounds and research interests.

Expertise include

  • Tourism policy;
  • development and management of tourist destinations (including smart destinations);
  • heritage;
  • wellness tourism;
  • island tourism;
  • sustainability issues;
  • trails;
  • urban tourism;
  • niche tourism (e.g. dark tourism)
  • and economic development.

The Tourism Research Centre is situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Site within a vibrant and continuously evolving tourism destination and makes good use of this inspiring location.

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