Tourism Research Centre members are interested in supervising PhD students in the following areas: 

Dr Samantha Chaperon
Tourism in islands and/or peripheral areas; issues associated with the governance of tourism; tourism and public policy.

Dr Andres Coca-Stefaniak
The growing role of the private sector in the management of tourism destinations; innovative approaches to the sustainable management of destinations using 'smart' concepts (e.g. smart tourism, smart cities); place marketing and branding; sustainability in the events industry.

Dr Katia Iankova
Cities development and urban metabolism; cultural heritage management; sustainability and regional development; strategies of start-up businesses

Dr Jithendran Kokkranikal
Tourism and development; human resource management in tourism and hospitality sector: entrepreneurship in the tourism and hospitality sector: strategic management in tourism and hospitality: religious tourism: pilgrimage tourism; wellness tourism:

Dr Ewa Krolikowska-Adamczyk
Business-to-business relationship marketing; the application of social psychology theories to marketing issues in tourism; business tourism and how to create and distribute tourism leisure packages to business travellers most effectively; tourism customer experiences and tourism marketing

Dr Nicola MacLeod
Self-guided trails and themed routes; literary tourism, with a focus on the experiences of literary-inspired visitors; tourism and popular culture (including film and artistic representations of tourism).