This project enables small tourism enterprises to harness the potential of Cultural Heritage Tourism to successfully grow their business.

Recognising Cultural Heritage Opportunities for Tourism SMEs - Co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union

Tourism SMEs will benefit from learning innovative strategies to develop their operation in order to compete on a global level.

ROOTS project will create innovative training materials to assist Tourism SMEs to develop their skills in areas such as: Team working, Networking, Cultural and Heritage Awareness, Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills.
SMEs will significantly improve their level of entrepreneurial capacity and will learn how to increase their competitiveness and improve their company performance through the application of innovative cultural heritage tourism strategies.

They will develop transversal skills in cultural awareness through involvement in the preservation and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage in their regions.
Lastly, the project promotes learning through Open Educational Resources as the learning material will be available online free of charge. By accessing and using the online platform SMEs will improve their digital skills.
Project Start: September 2017
Project End: August 2020
More information: ROOTS project webpage

Project Partners:

  • North-East Regional Development Agency (Romania) – Lead Partner
  • European E-Learning Institute (Denmark)
  • University of Greenwich (UK)
  • Business Development Friesland (Netherlands)
  • Exponential Training (UK)
  • Momentum Marketing (Republic of Ireland)
  • CULTUREEX (Spain)

Further information

Contact: Dr James Kennell

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