Our team


Prof Sian Moore

Expertise in gender and class, employee representation, trade union recognition and activism, the pay and conditions of homecare workers and Biographical Narrative Interpretative Methods.

Former directors

Prof Susan Corby

Expertise in employment tribunals, public service employment relations, equality issues in employment

Prof Geoffrey White

Expertise in pay and reward


Shanaz Sumra


Prof David Gray

Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Dr Adrian Madden

Senior lecturer in employment studies

Dr Barbara Samaluk

Expertise in migrant labour in Europe 

Dr Bethania Mendes de Brito Antunes

Reward management in organisations and the relationship between reward, the organisational context and worker motivation

Dr Gabriella Cagliesi

Programme Leader, Economics, Principal Lecturer

Dr Graham Symon

Senior Lecturer, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Dr Patrick McGurk

Management and leadership, employment and skills policy

Dr Ulke Veersma

Expertise in employer/union consultation and participation across Europe

Dr Laura Williams

Expertise in equality and diversity and employment relations

Dr Lefteris Kretsos

Expertise in precarious employment, young workers, and employment relations in southern Europe

Dr Wim Vandekerckhove

Expertise in whistle-blowing

PhD students

Arron Phillips

The role of trade unions in the whistleblowing process

Bachu Kailash Kaini

Health care professionals around the bed, interprofessional care, teamwork, job satisfaction and team performance

Carol Johansson

Alignment of HR policies with the strategic policy of companies in the process of transformation

Daniele Tori

The distributional effects of financialisation

Dusan Gruicic

The influence of mind-body programme on stress reduction, emotional competencies and job satisfaction of employees

Estera Onaokpovike

The "politics" of workplace equality & diversity in new Europe: a study of Romania

Emmanuel Igwe

Reciprocal behaviour in labour market relations

Genevieve Coderre-LaPalme

Local trade union responses to marketization

Jayne Cunningham

Disability in the workplace

Maleeha Ashraf

Knowledge management, knowledge transfer and knowledge creation to further sustainable development of UK financial services

Maria Mantynen

Assessing the Finnish welfare system during the financial crisis

Maria Papanikou

Power relations and safety, deprofessionalisation, aviation industry deregulation

Richard Meredith

Active labour market policies - the employers' role: motives when recruiting from UK welfare-to-work schemes

Rupert Harwood

Adjustments for employees with disabilities or other impairments in the UK public sector

Shanaz Sumra

Relationship between economic growth and inequality in developing countries

Thomas Obst

The interaction of income distribution, aggregate demand and economic growth in the context of European imbalances

Tom Lawson

Associate members

David Hall (PSIRU at Greenwich), James Kennell (EDREC at Greenwich), Jane Lethbridge (PSIRU at Greenwich), Angela Wright (Westminster),  Minghua Zhao (Greenwich Maritime Institute), Paul Field, Sir Leigh Lewis, Prof Erik Poutsma (Nijmegen), Onur Metin (Sakarya), Sarah Nies (ISF-Muenchen), and Alastair Hatchett.