Centre for Research on Employment and Work

Research ethos representing collaboration, social justice, fairness and transparency through cross-cutting themes and strategic interests.

CREW's research covers four cross-cutting themes: work quality, working relationships, equality, diversity and democratic governance at work and re-municipalization.

Who we are

Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU)

Providing research on public services and privatisation.

Diversity Interest Group

Cross-faculty interest group researching equality and diversity.

Areas of expertise

Employment and Work

Wide spectrum of employment-related topics, in the UK and internationally.

Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Including management coaching, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Public Services

Social, economic and political aspects of privatisation and liberalisation in water, energy, waste management, health care and social care.

Scholars and PHD Students

Our research

CREW's research includes basic and applied research, across four main themes funded by internal and external sources.

Work Quality

Working relationships

Re-municipalisation and public ownership

Equality, diversity and democratic governance at work

News and events

Find out about latest publications, news and current events.

Publications and reports

Our members publish in a wide range of academic journals, publish books, reports, and organize or are invited to present at numerous academic and policy conferences.