CREW’s news and events.

News and upcoming Events

16 November 2019 - Conference on undercover policing and trade unions

20 November 2019 - CREW Early Career Lecture: Managing a Business Empire: Royal Dutch Shell's 'expatriate' and the corporate production of migration categories

27 November 2019 - CREW Seminar: A four-day working week

Past Events
12 December 2018 - Seminar: Is whistleblowing the new normal?
29 October 2018: Symposium: Intergenerational Legacy of Windrush Nurses
10 October 2018: Seminar: The Future for Employment Regulation: a Manifesto for Labour Law?
18 July 2018: Book launch: Class matters
7 June 2018: Book launch: One Hundred Years of the Fire Brigades Union
27 June 2018: Conference on the future of public services
25-28 June 2018: Philosophy of Management Conference 2018
11 June 2018: Diversity Interest Group conference: Times up: proposed solutions to Equality & Diversity challenges in 2018.
30 May 2018: Self-employed workers: Who are they and can they be organised?
17 November 2017: "The Marketization of Employment Services. Dilemmas of Europe's Work-First Welfare States"
2 November 2017: Diversity Interest Group Launch
6 June 2017: one day conference - Employee Lay Members in Employment Tribunals in Great Britain, France and Germany.
28 April 2017: research seminar - Bargaining for Productivity: a cross-national European Study co-funded by the European Commission. Initial Findings.
29 March 2017: seminar - The Future of the Labour Market Post-Brexit
25 January 2017: seminar - Tackling low pay: minimum wage or living wage?
17 September 2016: Report from Blacklisting, Bullying & Blowing the Whistle conference