CREW’s PhD students and their thesis.

The university supports postgraduate research opportunities with a range of scholarships and studentships. Please follow the link for more information.

  • Farhana Ahlam, Thesis title: The mid-level civil servants experience in public sector reform implementation: An overview on Bangladesh Public Sector.
    (Supervised by N Rumyantseva; A Naghieh; F Kinchington)
  • Ali Azam, Thesis title:  Implications of pursuing neoliberal governing mechanisms for the governance of state-owned enterprises in a developing economy: evidence from Bangladesh.
    (Supervised by W Vandekerckhove; Y Yurchenko)
  • Paul Booth, Thesis title: The development of entrepreneurship in small island territories
    (Supervised by G Symon)
  • Genevieve Coderre-Lapalme, Thesis title: Local trade union responses in the context of public healthcare service privatisation
    (Supervised by S Moore; I Greer; L Kretsos)
  • Jayne Cunningham, Thesis title:  Self-regulation and disability policy - a critique.
    (Supervised by L William; S Moore)
  • Michael deDomenici, Thesis title:  The role of ethics for marketing students
    (Supervised by W Vandekerckhove; L Catchpowle)
  • Catherine Emeordi-Okeke, Thesis title: Investigating the Progression of Business studies learners following the Academic or Vocational routes into Management positions in the Retail Industry: University Degree or Apprenticeship
    (Supervised by M. Emmanuel, S. Moore and J. Molyn-Blanchfield)
  • Maria Mantynen, Thesis title:  
    (Supervised by I Greer; O Onaren; C Umney)
  • Richard Meredith, Thesis title:  Employer Engagement in Government Employment and Skills Initiatives.
    (Supervised by S. Moore, I.Greer and P McGurk)
  • Ester Onaolpovike, Thesis title:  
    (Supervised by U Veersma; I Greer; G Symon)
  • Arron Phillips, Thesis title: What contribution do trade unions make to whistleblowing in the UK.
    (Supervised by W Vandekerckhove; L Catchpowle; C Umney)
  • Jessica Templeton, Thesis title:  
    (Supervised by S Kuenzel; A Madden)
  • Tracy Walsh, Thesis title:  Can the concepts of 'sameness' and 'difference' coexist in trade union autonomous organising structures? An exploration of identity in UK trade unions.
    (Supervised by S Moore; L William; G White)