Our members publish in a wide range of academic journals, publish books, reports, and organize or are invited to present at numerous academic and policy conferences.

Latest reports:

Moore, S., Ball. C., Cai, M. (2021) Research into Covid-19 workplace safety outcomes in the food and drinks sector

Moore, S. (2021). EU Social Dialogue project Closing the GPG in public services in the context of austerity

Latest Publications:

Lobina E & Weghmann V. (2020) Commentary: the perils and promise of inter-paradigmatic dialogues on remunicipalisation, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, DOI: 10.1080/17487870.2020.1810473

Cai M, Velu J, Tindal S, Tartanoglu Bennett S. ‘It’s Like a War Zone’: Jay’s Liminal Experience of Normal and Extreme Work in a UK Supermarket during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Work, Employment and Society. December 2020. doi:10.1177/0950017020966527

Coulson-Thomas, C. (2020), Supporting Proactive Recovery from Recession, Management Services, Vol. 64 No 3, Autumn, pp 39-43