Employment relations and work institutions, collective bargaining, workplace mediation and workplace conflict, leadership, training, coaching, mentoring and contractual relationships.

Current projects
  • Navigating life in the UK without losing yourself in the process: Developing psychological and social capital for Chinese direct entry students
    About: A series of workshops were developed for Chinese direct entry students for the enhancement of positive psychological capital and social capital, which serve as coping resources for international students to deal with challenges in living and studying in the UK.
    Investigators: Dr Crystal Tsay in the Faculty of Business and Jing and Yang Yang from the Faculty of Education
    Project length: September 2018- July 2019
    Funders: UK Council for International Student Affairs
  • The Common Factors Model of Coaching Effectiveness: Lessons from Psychotherapy Outcome Research
    About: The aim of this study is to contribute to the development of a comprehensive coaching outcome effectiveness model by testing the hypothesised contribution of a range of common factors in relation to coaching outcomes such as goal attainment, perceived stress, psychological wellbeing and resilience.
    Investigators: Dr J Molyn, Prof Erik de Haan, Dr Chris Stride, Prof David Gray
    Project length: 2017-2018
    Funders: Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Past projects
  • The roles, resources and competencies of worker lay judges: a cross-national study
    About: project explores the roles, resources and competencies of lay judges in labour courts in Great Britain, France and Germany. More info on project's website.
    Investigators: P. Burgess, S. Corby, A Holand, H Michel, L Willemez, C. Buchwald and E Krausbeck
    Project length: September 2015- September 2017
    Funders: Hans Boeckler Stiftung
    Outcomes: Report.
  • Bargaining for productivity
    About: an international comparative study of how productivity is manifested on the collective bargaining agenda investigates the importance of constructive dialogue between employers and unions.
    Investigators: Dr Laura William, Dr Uilke Veersma, Dr Bethania Antunes and Dr Graham Symon, worked in partnership with institutions in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
    Project length: 2 years
    Funders: European Commission
    Outcomes: Final Report
  • Purposeful Leadership
    Investigators: Dr Amanda Shantz.
    Funders: Chartered Institute or Personnel and Development
  • A review of the British apprenticeship system
    Investigators: Dr Patrick McGurk
    Funders: Institute for Construction Economics Research
  • SME Success: New approaches to business innovation
    Investigators: Prof David Gray
    Funders: Kingston Smith