CREW’s Visiting Scholars.

Visiting Professors
Duncan Brown
Expert in in reward and HR consulting
Amanda Shantz
Expert in Human Resource Management, Volunteer Management, Work Engagement
Prof David Hall
Expert in impact of liberalisation and privatisation on public services, especially water and energy; public-private partnerships; trade agreements and public services; corruption
Sonia McKay
Expert in discrimination, migration and collective organisation at both national and EU level.

Visiting Research Fellows and Associates
Alistair Hatchett
Expert in pay systems and pay bargaining
Dr Kyle Ingram
Expert in management education.
Roger Kline
Expert in management and governance of trade unions and public organisations
Dr Helen Mercer
Expert in economic policy and renationalization
Dr Birgit Paukzstat
Expert in organisational behaviour and maritime studies.  
Dr Vladimir Popov
Expert in social network analysis the Russian multinationals (Gazprom in particular) and privatisation in Russia.
Dr David Shaw
Expert in organisational change management and organisation design.
Sandra Van Niekerk
Expert in public services in Africa; renewable energy, especially the role of municipal governments
Sarah Veale
Expert in Equality and Employment Rights.
Heather Wakefield
Expert in trade union work on Local Government, Police and Justice.
Sen Wang