Temporality, working time and intensification; technology, digitalisation and robotisation, work-life boundaries, the relationship between paid and unpaid labour, flexibilization, marketization.

Current projects
  • Aiming for skilled or secure employment on the EU market: a Sisyphean task?
    About: Investigation into the process of work transitions and transnational mobility of qualified young and precarious teachers and social care workers. More on project's blog.
    Investigators: Dr Barbara Samaluk
    Project length: 2018-2021
    Funders: Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship
Past projects
  • Great jobs – the added value from trade unions
    About: The research is based upon ten in-depth case studies where collective bargaining has delivered concrete outcomes for workers, particularly in terms of job quality, working hours and work-life balance. In all cases they highlight the positive outcomes of collective bargaining in workplaces with high union membership and active workplace reps.
    Investigators: Prof Sian Moore
    Project length: September 2017-January 2018
    Funders: Trades Union Congress
    Outcome: Report
  • The effects of the National Living Wage on individuals with non-standard employment arrangements
    About: Case studies in six industry sectors scrutinising hours and their relationship with earnings and whether the NLW is achieved by workers on non-standard contracts
    Investigators: Sian Moore, Geoffrey White and Bethania Antunes will be working with Stephanie Tailby from University of West of England and Kirsty Newsome from Sheffield.
    Project length: April 2017-October 2017
    Funders: Low Pay Commission
    Outcomes: Final report
  • The Effects of Marketisation on Societies (TEMS)
    About: a comparative study scrutinizing the effects of marketization on societies focusing on four European countries (Greece, Slovenia, Finland and France) and four sectors (social care, healthcare, music and ports).
    Investigators: Ian Greer, Lefteris Kretsos, Charles Umney, Barbara Samaluk, Maria Mantynen Project length: 2012-2017
    Funders: European Research Council's Starting Grants Scheme
    Outcomes: Marketization in Europe blog.
  • Evaluation of the impact of UNISON's Ethical Care Charter
    About: provides case studies of organisations where the Ethical Care Charter has been implemented and the impact of the work and working conditions of homecare workers.
    Investigators: Prof Sian Moore
    Project length: October 2016-June 2017
    Funders: UNISON
    Outcomes: Final report
  • Precarious Work
    About: Investigation of insecure work in three sectors: retail and logistics/delivery,
    and higher education in three regions (east of England, Yorkshire and London).
    Investigators: Sian Moore and external experts: Kirsty Newsome, Jason Heyes, Dave Smith and Mark Tomlinson
    Project length: April 2017 - June 2017
    Funders: TUC
    Outcomes: Final report
  • The Value of Formalisation for Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Contexts: A review and research agenda
    About: The aim of this project was to systematise the current empirical evidence on gender, the informal economy and formalisation using a narrative synthesis approach. The review highlighted the need for more accurate accounts of formalisation decisions by widening the lens through which costs / benefits are conceptualised, which take account of the rich contextual and temporal dimensions central to these decisions, and recognising that gender alone is not a sufficient factor in explaining women's choices in the informal economy. We propose a research agenda that centres on the need for conceptual frameworks that are more sensitive towards the multi-dimensional contexts in which women's choices are embedded.
    Investigators: Dr Adrian Madden
    Project length: 8 months
    Funders: Private Enterprise Development in Low Income Countries
    Outcomes: Evaluation report submitted to DfID and two research articles.