Networks and Urban Systems Centre

Connecting worked and lived communities.

Networks and Urban Systems Centre

A research centre with multi-disciplinary expertise exploring the expanding frontiers of urban challenges and opportunities to improve quality of life, competitiveness and sustainability.

Areas of expertise

Our experts

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of areas on network and data science, urban systems, and business.

PhD Students

Our scholars focused on network and data science applied to businesses, individuals and cities.

Our research

Four crossing cutting themes funded by internal and external sources.

  • Distributed and overlapping production systems (e.g. IT clusters, health);
  • Healthy and high-quality urban ecosystems;
  • Business models for technologically transformed social systems;
  • Global value chains

Publications and reports

Find out more about our experts. They publish academic papers and reports in several international journals and conferences worldwide.

We collaborate with various research centres and groups

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Publications and reports

Our members publish in a wide range of academic journals, publish books, reports, and organize or are invited to present at numerous academic and policy conferences.