Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of areas on network and data science, urban systems, and business.

Our scholars focused on network and data science applied to businesses, individuals and cities.

Research Students

  • Aya Awad,Topic: Sustainable Development Strategy for Informal Settlement in Egypt, Cairo.
  • Terry Brett,Topic: Understanding Contagion Spreading Processes of Cyber-Security Threats Through Social Networks.
  • Ali Al Busaidi,Topic: Socialisation During Organisational Onboarding.
  • Silvana Croft,Topic: Heterogeneity in the Transition from Analog to Digital within the British Film Industry.
  • Eckhard Erbsland,Topic: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of corporate performance by adapting wireless machine-to-machine applications in supply chain management
  • Nicolo Gozzi - Modelling Behavioural Changes Induced by Infectious Disease via Physical Activity Trackers. 
  • Qiwen Hu,Topic: Evolution of a manufacturing system and its manufacturing strategies
  • Yehui Hu,Topic: Evolution of Guanxi within Chinese Large-scale Exhibition Service Market.
  • Shaika Jannat,Topic: Cultivating Sustainable Consumer Behaviours within the Sharing Economy: An Empirical Study of Bike-Sharing
  • Tiep Nguyen,Topic: Big data analytics in closed-loop supply chain management
  • Truong Nguyen,Topic: Big Data Driven Decision Making in Supply Chain Management.
  • Bertha Okpara - The Role of Collaboration and Social Networks In Achievement of Change Management and Project Success in the Pharmaceutical Sector.
  • Jingwen Qu,Topic: Internationalisation strategy and process: An empirical study in emerging economies
  • Thitika Ratanachaikul,Topic: Research on sustainable behavior for SMEs.
  • Sadiye Sadanoglu,Topic: Urban Sustainability Performance Management.
  • Mohammed Sadek,Topic: Toward Sustainable Desert Settlements in Egypt, in light of past experiences and future prospects.
  • Mohamed Shedid,Topic: The Interplay of Online and Offline Networks in the Development of High-tech Clusters and Technology Incubators.
  • Christy Smith, Topic: Networks of Oligopoly: An Exploration of how Social Structure and Individual Perception Impact Collaboration in the UK Construction Industry
  • Zsofia Zador, Topic: The international organisation of production in manufacturing: A multilevel network analysis
  • Feng Zhang,Topic: Chinese Corporate Overseas Direct Investment in London