Research topics worked on by postgraduate students.

Faith Adobamen
The spatial dimensions of knowledge spillovers in the UK: Comparative evidence on private R&D and higher education funding.

Muna Amir
The Case of Northern Powerhouse as a Socio-technical Imaginary.

Sherko Burhan
The impact of trade on job losses, wages and inequality in UK manufacturing.

Rosemary Gumba
Awaiting topic.  

Sarvin Hassani
Investment in tangible assets and firms productivity: Investigating the scale effects, heterogeneity and the role of market power.

Molly Williamson Jack
Sustainable management of large construction projects.

Stephanie Manea
The impact of fiscal policy, income and wealth distribution and financialisation on growth.

Kilugala Malimi
Asymmetric and nonlinear exchange rate pass-through in exports and imports prices: Evidence between the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth African trading partners.

Achilleas Mantes
Financial fragility, income inequality and industrial structure in Europe.

Marius Meijerink
Awaiting topic. 

Laura Muncey
Early warning systems for banking crises: does governance quality matter?

Thomas Omachi
Awaiting topic. 

Catherine Otene
Awaiting topic.  

Harihar Patel
Is there good news in short interest? Some international evidence.

Timo van der Linden
Traders' behaviour and social networks: an intra-day data analysis of the exchange rate market, of its manipulation and of its reactions to the news.

Ben Tippet
Causes and consequences of wealth concentration.

Huili Yu
The Formation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Banks: Help for Developing Nations or a Challenge to US Dominated Global Financial Institutions.

Molly Jack 
Long-term sustainable project management: case of urban renewal in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Abdul Raouf Sakhizada
Acceptance and public perception of autonomous vehicles.

Muna Amir
Evaluating the 'Northern Powerhouse' as a socio-technical imaginary:An analysis of inclusivity, prosperity and sustainability

Charles Allen Duncan
'Homes for the many': UK adoption of Passive House standards

John Whitely
Success and failure in the use of Wikis for enquiry-based learning

Archana Kharki
The role of standards and accreditation in UK Yoga teacher training

Ihator Brown
Sustainability, accountability and Stakeholders' attitudes toward youth charity



Dr Rosita Aiesha
Dr Eurydice Fotopoulou 
Dr Alexander Guschanski 
Dr Emmanuel Igwe 
Dr Minh Hoang Luong 
Dr Thomas Obst
Dr Emeka Okoye
Dr Thi My Hanh Pham
Dr Anton Sentic 
Dr Shanaz Sumra 
Dr Daniele Tori
Dr Idil Ersoy
Dr Rosita  Aeisha
Dr Anton Sentic
Dr Robert Robson