Tuesday 25 June 2013
4pm - 6pm

Increasingly, empirical evidence shows that the predictions and prescriptions of the mainstream theory of the firm are flawed. A case in point is the privatisation of essential public services, as the private sector fails to produce expected efficiency gains and sustainable development objectives are undermined. Can an emergent heterodox theory of the firm enable a deeper understanding of firm behaviour in the broader institutional context? Can it shed light on the ability of different organisational forms to pursue the public interest? This informal event, the first convened by the Heterodox Microeconomics Workshop at the University of Greenwich Business School, aims to stimulate reflections around these urgent questions.

Listed Speakers:

Professor Hulya Dagdeviren, Hertfordshire University
A critical assessment of the incomplete contracts theory for private participation in public services: the case of the water sector in Ghana

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Silvia Sacchetti, University of Stirling
The public dimension of private choices and business governance: a Deweyan approach

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Emanuele Lobina, University of Greenwich
Remediable institutional alignment as a causal mechanism of water sector reform

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Tuesday 25 June 2013




Queen Anne Building QA238, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, London SE10 9LS

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