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Wednesday 12 October 2016

How Can We Make This Happen?

London, our country, the whole world: there are a lot of things we'd like to change, and a lot we need to change – these are not identical lists.  From climate change to terrorism to air pollution to political leadership to migration to the economy.  There are plenty of challenges, and the public, the citizenry, the electorate are more knowledgeable and involved than ever before due to social media.

Nic will discuss the ways in which we can Make Things Happen by looking at how individuals and groups are motivated, why and how to communicate differently with different groups, and the extent to which trust is fundamental for people working together. Nic will illustrate with examples from his recently published book, and from current media stories.  This is relevant to everyone in any organisation because we are all change agents now.

About Nic Vine

Nic Vine has spent over 30 years working in public, private and third sector organisations as a project manager, change manager and strategist.  He has experienced change as a victim, beneficiary, participant, manager and leader. Nic has mentored a number of young people starting out in project and change work, which led him to write a book.  He now combines consulting on change with lecturing (including the Business Faculty), writing, pro bono work in the health sector, and sailing around the UK and Europe.

Nic Vine, Lecturer, author, and consultant in the strategy of change

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