Tuesday, 7 January 2020 (10:00 AM - 18:00 PM)

Instructor: Dr Guido Conaldi

This workshop is delivered in four parts, providing a non-technical introduction to the use of the R software environment and Visone for statistical computing and graphical representation of social networks.

The workshop is organised as a series of brief presentations followed by practical exercises. Topics covered include: an overview of the R language and its conventions; the manipulation of matrices and network objects, with a specific focus on a data import; the production of basic descriptive statistics and plots for social networks.


No prior knowledge of R, Visone, or social network analysis is required. Participants will be provided with instructions for installing R and Visone on their own laptops, if so they wish, before the beginning of the workshop.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to use the R software environment and Visone  to calculate descriptive statistics for social networks and run basic statisitcal tests for fundamental network properties. Participants will also learn how to plot social networks using the R software environment and Visone.


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