Friday, 10 January 2020 (10:00 AM - 18:00 PM)

Instructor: Dr. Francesca Pallotti 

Healthcare management practitioners and academics alike are demonstrating an increased interest in understanding how social networks can be leveraged to improve individual, organisational and system-level outcomes.

The challenges posed by economic and institutional changes in health care requires that professionals and practitioners participating in the health care systems increasingly engage and collaborate with each other.

Investigating the structure of networks emerging from such inter-dependencies is of fundamental importance for a more nuanced understanding of a variety of healthcare outcomes, such us team performance, innovation, quality of service, patient satisfaction, and coordinated care.


There are no prior requirements for this workshop.

Learning outcomes

The aim of this seminar is two-fold. First, it aims at discussing the theoretical foundations and practical implications of a relational perspective in healthcare organisations, by presenting a number of empirical examples of social networks at both intra- and inter-organisational levels in different areas of health care. Second, it aims at introducing and offering a hands-on experience of social network analysis tools and techniques applied to real-world network data.

The seminar concludes with an overview of how social networks ideas, tools and techniques may inform future research and practice in the field of health care management.


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