Economic Policy Implications of the Great Recession

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Professor Philip Arestis will discuss his views on the current economic climate.

The African Economic Renaissance: Africa's Role in the Global Economic Recovery

Wednesday 12 December - Friday 14 December 2012

The conference will look at the global financial crisis on the economies of Africa and suggest how it will shape the opportunities for Africa presented by the new world economic order.

Youth Precarious Employment: State and Policy Responses

Friday 21 September 2012
10.30am - 5.30pm

This seminar is part of the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) seminar series based on the theme of young people and precarious work. The seminars are multi-disciplinary, bringing together academics, practitioners and policy makers.

Crossovers: New relationships between culture, tourism and economic development

Wednesday 19 September 2012
9am - 6pm

This is a innovative, interactive event for the Cultural Sector and the Visitor Economy.

Bleak Towns: does place reputation matter?

Monday 17 September 2012

South East Area Group Annual Conference

Wednesday 5 September 2012
9am - 5pm

The conference will investigate current issues in the field of accounting and finance within the managerial and professional contexts.

Lessons from Living in the Land of Keynes

Monday 9 July 2012
6.30pm - 9pm

Dr Posen will discuss his views on the current economical stance and prospects for the future.

Transnational Employment Relations

Thursday 31 May - Friday 1 June 2012

This conference aims to assess the state of knowledge about transnational industrial relations and to assess what it means for progressive social movements.

Martin Riley: Chief Marketing Officer of the Pernod Ricard Group

Wednesday 9 May 2012
5pm - 7pm

Mr Riley will discuss his experiences in the industry and give an invaluable insight on how to increase productivity whilst maintaining a competitive edge.

East Meets West: Chinese and Indian Businesses Working with Europe

Wednesday 9 May 2012
9am - 5pm

This seminar will investigate various cross-cultural issues that can arise from the interaction between Chinese and Indian businesses working in the UK and Europe.

Youth Worklessness: Bridging Academic Research and Policy Practice

Friday 23 March 2012
9.30am - 4pm

This workshop will provide you with a new insight into the the development of innovative labour market interventions for young people.

Short Sea Shipping: The Slow Route to Sustainability

Wednesday 21 March 2012
6pm - 8pm

Dr Rowlinson will look at the increasing problems of Short Sea Shipping and provide a fresh analysis on his 2008 research.

Investment made Simple: A view from 30 years in the City

Wednesday 7 March 2012
6pm - 8pm

Attending this seminar will help you learn more about how to become successful in your career, both in the short and long run.

Connecting with the Customer: How to Communicate M&S’s Goal of becoming the World’s most Sustainable Retailer in 2015

Wednesday 7 March 2012
5pm - 7pm

This seminar will provide you with an insight into the continual growth of one of the UK’s leading retailer, focusing on the implementation of its new CSR strategies.

Britain's Enterprise Emergency

Wednesday 22 February 2012
5pm - 7pm

This seminar will investigate the impact of the current economic environment on the relationship between employers and employees within different contexts.

The Meanders of Union Organising in Eastern Europe

Friday 10 February 2012
4.30pm - 7pm

Attending this seminar will help you understand the structure of trade union organising in Central and Eastern Europe.