University of Greenwich Business School placement students offer businesses a wide variety of benefits

A student may:

  • Provide a good return on investment (i.e. he or she is likely to be a cost-effective employee)
  • Be available to start work at the busiest time of year (i.e. during the summer, when many employees take annual leave)
  • Offer a fresh injection of ideas, talent and enthusiasm
  • Represent a reduction on future recruitment costs (if you employ the student after he or she has graduated)
  • Give current employees the chance to develop their supervisory/team leadership skills
  • Enable you to find out what is being taught at the university and have some input into its relevance
  • Help you identify the training needs of your existing staff
  • Provide you with an excellent opportunity to publicise your company to future business undergraduates and graduates (if you assist the student with his or her final-year dissertation)
  • Be available for part-time work after the sandwich year has ended, providing you with an employee who is already familiar with your business.