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Dr Olufemi Sallyanne Decker BSc Hons, PGCTLHE, MBA, PhD

Dr Olufemi Sallyanne Decker

Dr Olufemi Sallyanne Decker

Principal Lecturer in Banking and Finance and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Department of Accounting & Finance

Business School

Dr Sallyanne Decker is a Principal Lecturer in Banking and Finance and the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Accounting and Finance Department. She joined the University of Greenwich in 2009 from London Metropolitan University, where she had lectured since 1998. Dr Decker has also taught as a Visiting Lecturer in Global Financial Markets at ESCEM Tours-Poitiers in France.

Her research focuses on the areas of credit union development, corporate social responsibility in the financial services sector and structural change and competition in banking. Dr Decker has been an Associate Consultant for the Association of British Credit Unions since 2003 and was an appointed Chief Examiner of the Institute of Financial Services' Award in Credit Union Practice from 2008 - 2011. She is also a member of the Association of Business Executives and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Sallyanne Decker is the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Accounting and Finance Department.

She also teaches on the following courses:

  • Banking Principles and Practice
  • Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Global Banking and Financial Regulation
  • Business and Corporate Banking

2016: Outstanding Teacher in the Business Faculty, University of Greenwich

August 2014- present - Lead Academic on Knowledge Transfer Project with London Mutual Credit Union (LMCU) - funded by ESRC, Innovate UK and LMCU £120,000.

Project Aim - To develop and embed the compliance and risk assessment capability needed to undertake mortgage lending and offer other housing finance products.

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Decker O.S (2016) New Product Development and Product Governance in Financial Services: 15th Annual Conference on Social Responsibility and 6th Annual Conference on Organisational Development, Social Responsibility Network, Melbourne, 4th -6th September

Decker, O.S. (2013) Structural Change and Competition in Sierra Leone Banking: Why is it important; What was learnt and Policy Implications , IGC/ BSL Book Launch Workshop, Freetown, Sierra Leone 29th-30th January.

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