Student quotes Business School

"As part of the Greenwich Employability Passport Scheme, I took part in the Guidance & Employability Team Mentoring Scheme which involved being matched with a mentor from the HR industry, to discuss various aspects of future employment. My mentor worked for the Ministry of Defence for 15 years earning CIPD qualifications along the way, after which he decided to start his own not for profit HR Company helping local people from the Greenwich and Lewisham area back into work.

The experience was beneficial as I learnt a lot about my mentor’s career and how he managed to achieve his goals despite not having an ideal starting point. He set me the task of re-writing my CV to present experiences using the STAR model (Situation, Task, Actions and Results). Using this model will help to structure both positive and negative experiences in a constructive way.

Overall the experience was really good as speaking to someone who knows the industry and to thrive in it is not an opportunity that one would have on a regular basis. The advice that my mentor gave in the first meeting was really useful at such an early stage of education. It will give me the focus and drive to achieve as much as I can whilst at university to help me have an edge over other graduates when applying for graduate positions in a few years’ time."

Daniel Browne, Human Resources Management Student

"I believe that Greenwich Employability Passport Scheme will help students to develop not only theoretical knowledge of the subject but practical skills as well. As an international student attending various events organised by the university, has helped me to settle down, get used to studying and working in dynamic environment.

All activities I participated in were very interesting but most of all I enjoyed the employer presentations. One of the most memorable presentations was ‘Enterprise Rent A Car – How to Walk the Talk in an Interview and Graduate Recruitment Scheme’. Visitors listened to the presenter, took notes and actively interacted with the employer by asking questions and sharing ideas.

As a result, this employer presentation has made me more prepared for interviews as I have understood what characteristics I am expected to show. This event helped me to gain knowledge that I will carry throughout my career."

Yulia Kasiyanova, Business with Marketing Student

"I have found Supported Open Learning an excellent way of combining study with the commitments of my personal and working life.

I’ve been given the necessary level of support to engage with new concepts, develop my professional practice and connect with the ideas of others who have different experiences."

Nicola Wright, International Business Student