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How we teach students

Moodle (a virtual learning platform) allows flexible learning opportunities throughout the degree. We also make full use of innovative learning tools such as simulation games and research software.

Through the online portal you can also access the online library and database system which allows you to gain research and information from thousands of online journals and industry reports (for example, Mintel, Emerald and Business Source Primer).

Mentoring scheme

Students are encouraged to apply for mentoring schemes to liaise with industry for advice on careers, professional insight, guidance in looking for jobs, support on job application processes, and developing future network contacts.

Guest lectures

The seminars are hosted by a number of high profile speakers, covering a wide range of topics appealing to Business School students, who share their expertise on a range of topics, from entrepreneurship, leadership and management to financial forecasting, the economic climate and the media today.

Past lectures include:

  • Leadership and Management - What they are and what's the difference...
    Andy Parfitt, Executive Director of Talent for Saatchi & Saatchi and Chair of UK Youth Music
  • What future for Europe's young people? Concept and implementation of the Youth Guarantee
  • László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at European Commission
  • Managing change: Digital transformation - the final frontier
  • Trevor Goul-Wheeker, Chair & Matthew Cashmore, Digital Director at Blackwell's   

Student Success Stories

Yvonne Platt, BA Hons Business Management

Nanci Dhell, BA Hons Business Management 

Pedro Moreira, BA Hons Business Management

Gianluca Torreggiani and Sam Goymer, BA Hons Business Management and BA Hons Sociology

Beth Scudder, BA Hons Human Resource Management

Lucky Aibefoh, BA Hons Human Resource Management

Nadia Ghafoor, BA Hons Human Resource Management

Danielle Nanton, MA Human Resource Management

Samantha Pearce, MA Human Resource Management

Lina Maria Perez, BA Hons Business Management

Samantha Lindsley, BA Hons Business Psychology

Michael Al Ahmad, BA Hons Business Psychology

Vlad Savin, BA Hons Business Psychology

More success stories 

Student experience videos


Business Alumni, working at Belimitless Ltd.


BA Business Management Student telling us about the perks of undertaking a summer internship.

Human Resource Management, University of Greenwich

Understand how to manage people and how they work.


MA Personnel and Human Resource Management Student telling us about the completeness of the programme, which also gives a full CIPD accreditation.

Business Management, University of Greenwich

Choose a broad business management programme or specialise in purchasing and supply chains, logistics and transport, technology or HR.

Hear what our graduates have to say

"I will recommend this university to all friends and family, and always, at every opportunity keep a link to it"

Louise Keita (Ivory Coast) MA Human Resource Management

"I am going to miss the highly resourceful state of the art library and the ever available updated materials that make you feel at ease on your research work."

Ola Ebietomiye (Nigeria) MA International Human Resources Management

"I recommend this university to other international students as Greenwich is a good place for them."

Md Abdul Mannan (Bangladesh) MA International Human Resource Management

"Life at University of Greenwich was challenging at first, but expert support from staff at the university and the facilities available made it so easy and smooth sailing. Can't wait to return there for another programme."

Emem Ekanem (Nigeria) MA International Human Resource Management