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Dr Adrian Madden BSSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Adrian Madden

Dr Adrian Madden
BSSc, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Business School

Adrian is a former pupil of St Columb's College, Derry and a graduate of Queen's University, Belfast. He completed an MSc at Southampton on managing organisational change and was a Centenary Research Fellow at PRI (Policy Research Institute), where he completed his PhD on community leadership.

At the PRI, he was involved in a range of research activities leading to a number of important policy reviews, including formative research for the Empowerment Act (2007) as well as evaluation of a range of policy interventions (e.g. race equality legislation in different sectors, community cohesion and equalities in further education). He has taught at the University of Kent and University of Sussex as well as holding research fellowships at the Business Schools of both these institutions.

Adrian has previously worked in central government policy. As a Policy Adviser in the Commission for Racial Equality, he led a range of projects centring on community participation. He was also a Policy Manager in the Policy Innovation Unit of the Department for Education & Skills and worked on several inter-department reviews including the "Davies' Review of Entrepreneurship and Education".

As a regional research leader for the Home Office in the Action Against Drugs Unit, he coordinated a community-based research programme contributing to the development of national drugs strategy. 

He has previously worked in overseas development, in organisational and institutional capacity building roles; firstly in the Far West of Nepal in a community economic development project and then in national programmatic roles, managing and evaluating livelihoods work across Nepal.

Adrian is currently co-editor of the Oxford Handbook on Meaningful Work (in process); joint editor of the special issue of Journal of Management Studies on meaningful work , and co-convenor of the second international symposium on meaningful work, due to be held in Auckland in December 2016.

  • Teaching and administrative activities
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Contemporary issues in management
  • MPhil/PhD supervision

Policy Research Institute Centenary Research Fellowship

Adrian has contributed to the Future of Work programme at Green Templeton College. Together with Professor Katie Bailey and Dr Ruth Yeoman, and has been involved in the international symposia on Meaningful Work (Oxford 2015 and Auckland 2016). 

Adrian is currently guest co-editor for the Journal of Management Studies, special call, 'Meaningful Work: Prospects for the twenty-first Century', co-editor of the Oxford Handbook on Meaningful Work and a member of the Editorial board of Work, Employment & Society (from January 2018).

Dr Madden's current research:

  • Meaningful work (qualitative research)
  • Employee engagement (evidence synthesis)
  • Women's entrepreneurialism and the informal economy (qualitative research)

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