Matthew Millican Business School

Matthew shares his experience with meeting influencers on campus

Matthew Millican 
"Until you come through the degree programme you can't necessarily appreciate how much it opens your mind."
Matthew Millican
BA Hons International Business graduate

What extracurricular activities did you get involved in while at university?

The main extracurricular activity I was involved in was the Pluralism in Economics Society. It tried to bring more of a pluralist perspective to economics which is dominated by a very neoclassical approach in the mainstream curriculum. 

Greenwich is one of the first universities to change the curriculum to something more pluralist and more applicable and actually more practical. 

We were hosting Rethinking Economics, their annual conference, and they brought in internationally well-known economists, a Nobel Prize winner. My mind was totally opened by the amount of influences that I got into contact with there and it has been a fantastic opportunity.

How did the University of Greenwich help you with improving your employability?

Until you come through the degree programme, you can't necessarily appreciate how much it opens your mind to being adaptable and being determined and self-motivated and that really helped me get the job that I now have. 

It helped me learn how to develop, so when I was looking for a job I applied myself in the same way that I applied myself to my dissertation. Within two weeks, I had a job not that had just come to me and I'd accepted, I actually turned down two jobs.

What are you up to now?

So, I have Greenwich to thank for this in no small part. In my final year, I was philosophised to within an inch of my life by one of my lecturers. It was about reflection and it was about introspection, of really looking at yourself.

I had a retail job throughout university, so I carried on doing my retail job, took some time to read around a little bit more, really focused on martial arts, movement, gymnastics, things like that. When I was ready, I then applied myself in the same way that I did throughout university, got a job at AirPlus International. 

We focus on travel and corporate payments, much like American Express or Barclaycard, and I have been working as a Business Development Representative since December.

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