Nicci Wright Business School

"My placement year helped me to decide that I wanted to work specifically in sales."
Nicci Wright, 
BA Hons International Business (2016).

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Nicci, you studied and lived in France through the Erasmus+ scheme, tell us what that was like?
"Lovely. At first, it was a bit scary and nerve-racking as no one from my class was doing it with me. Yet, I made some really great friends. Initially, I felt not speaking the language fluently was going to be really intimidating but actually it wasn't a problem because most people spoke English. This helped me settle into both the language and country."

Can you tell us more about your placement year?
"I did a 13-month placement at Hewlett-Packard (HP). I was based in Reading and was a Sales Support Analyst. It was really insightful to learn about the organisation. I did a lot of Excel forecast reporting, I got to attend many events and learned a lot about the IT industry. I really like the sector and now I am going back to it after graduation." 

So you have secured a graduate role?
"Yes, Account Executive Associate role at a company called SAP. My placement year helped me to decide that I wanted to work specifically in sales. Many companies offer a rotation role in different areas based in the IT sector but I knew what field I wanted to work in."

What is it about sales that you like?
"Sales gives you an insight into the whole business and you can then decide what suits you. It's very goal orientated, factored on your own drive. I like that, if I push myself I can reach certain targets and it's the perfect role for me."  

Where does your drive and determination come from?
"There are so many factors. One of them is dependent on the fact that I applied to university the year that the tuition fees were raised for UK students. I thought 'If I am going to study at university, I must get the absolute most out of it'. I did not want to achieve just a degree and then struggle to get a job after graduating. This is why I wanted to study abroad and complete a placement year. All these opportunities have made me more employable"

What is your most favourite memory of your time at Greenwich?
"So many! What really comes to my mind is the end of my Erasmus+ year in France. I made a close-knit group of friends, one of our friends had a party and that was our last time together. The party was in a stunning location, looking over the beautiful French countryside. We spent the whole day together having drinks and a barbeque. I've made lifelong friends from my university experience." 

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