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David Hall

David Hall PGCE, MA, MPhil, BA

David Hall

Visiting Professor, PSIRU associate

Department of International Business and Economics

Business School

David Hall is Director of the Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) at the University of Greenwich Business School. He researches and teaches the politics and economics of public services, public finance and privatisation. David has special expertise in the sectors of water, energy, waste management, and healthcare. Before becoming director of PSIRU, He worked for over 25 years in teaching and research in public services, privatisation, and industrial relations for colleges, research institutions, and trade union research units.

Teaching and administrative activities

As Director of PSIRU David is responsible for the research programme and funding of PSIRU, one of the largest research units in the University of Greenwich Business School.

He is joint leader of post-graduate courses on Sustainable Investment and Trade, and regulatory Institutions of the World Economy, and supervises undergraduate and masters’ degree dissertations.

David supervises two PHD students, Jenny Nguyen and Yasaman Sarabi. He has supervised a successful PhD, and acted as an internal PhD examiner in the University of Greenwich and as an external examiner for a PhD at Loughborough.

David Hall was the coordinator of the Watertime project, an EC-funded three-year research project on decision-making on water in 29 cities in Europe, involving a group of five universities and research institutes (see He also led a two-year research project on corruption, funded by the Wallace Global Foundation.

David was a partner in the EC-funded PRESOM project, a three-year project studying the relations between the European social model and privatisation. He has provided policy advice to and/or conducted applied research for many organisations, including the European Commission; ILO; UNCTAD; Oxfam; World Development Movement; War on Want; Public Services International; EPSU; UNISON; CUPE; and Enérgeia Foundation.

David has been a guest lecturer at the World Bank infrastructure division, and has also been invited to address meetings of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the OECD, UNCTAD, the ILO, the European Parliament, the EU Economic and Social Committee, the Belgian Parliament, and the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and has been an expert witness at the constitutional court of Indonesia.

David has been an invited speaker at seminars and conferences at many universities and research institutes around the world, in Aalborg, Athens, Bantung, Berkeley, Berlin, Bonn, Bradford, Brussels, Bologna, Cambridge, London (UCL), Lima, Loughborough, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York (Cornell), Newcastle, Oxford, Paris, Sheffield, St Petersburg, Tampere, Uppsala and Wellington. David has spoken at many civil society and trade union meetings, in over 40 countries, on all continents.

David's on-going research includes:

  • The economic and social consequences of privatisation and liberalisation
  • The history of public services
  • Trends in privatisation and remunicipalisation
  • The political economy of public spending and taxation
  • The effects of public services on equality
  • The impact of the policy conditions of international financial institutions and the EU on public services
  • The impact of trade liberalisation, WTO rules, and EU and other internal market rules on public services
  • The relative efficiency of public and private organisations
  • Multinational company and private equity strategies
  • PPPs
  • Corruption
  • The role of campaigns and social movements
  • Regulatory and corporate trends in the water, energy, waste management, and healthcare sectors.

In all subjects his research covers transition and developing countries, Europe, other OECD countries, and specific countries, including the UK.

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