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Paul Caussat

Paul Caussat

Lecturer in International Business

Department of International Business and Economics

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Paul joined the University of Greenwich in 2017. Previously, he was at ESCP Europe (Paris Campus) and University Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne where he did his PhD and taught International Management related courses. He holds an MA in International Affairs from Sciences Po. Paris as well as an MSc in Economics from University Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne. Paul has been focusing on the political economy of Asian countries chiefly India, and the management of multinational operations in this geographical area. He is also a member of Asia Centre – an institution specialized in political, economic and strategic affairs in Asia.

Paul's main research interests focus on the evolution of capitalism and business practices in liberalizing Asian economies and the reconfiguration of social and political networks in this context. Using institutional theory and qualitative methods, he looks into the development of the private sector and foreign multinationals in these economies with particular reference to India. This includes three main domains of research:

1. Multinational companies' interactions with local institutions and societies in Emerging Economies and the organization and management of international operations

2. The making of global corporations from Emerging Economies

3. Micro politics inside multinational companies (between subsidiaries and the headquarters), power issues in the workplace using a postcolonial perspective

Paul's geographical areas of interests are India, China and Middle Eastern economies (Gulf countries, Iran). His research concerns sensitive industries such as banking and finance, energy or defence.

Caussat, P. (2017) 'Competing for social acquaintances: the case of Reliance in India', in The changing face of corruption in the Asia-Pacific: current perspectives and future challenges, M. dela Rama (dir.), Elsevier: UK.

Caussat, P. (2017) 'Pourquoi les banques publiques vont-elles si mal? Capitalisme indien et réseaux d'influence' (Why public banks are doing this poorly? Indian capitalism and influence networks), in Réseaux de relations sociales, connexions et élitisme: guels enjeux pour les organisations? (Social networks, connections and elitism: which challenges for organizations?), S. Diallo (dir.), CH. 7. Les Editions JFD: Canada.

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Caussat, P. (2017), Legitimacy beyond isomorphism and transference : when the liability of foreignness can become a source of competitive advantage, Academy of International Business (AIB), Dubai, UAE, July 2-5

Lemaire, J.-P., & Caussat, P. (2017), In transition' economies' banking system evolution : impact on foreign banking institutions, the example of India, Association Francophone de Management International (ATLAS-AFMI), Antananarivo, Madagascar, May 2-4

Caussat, P., Prime, N., & Wilken, R. (2016), Building legitimacy in an adverse foreign environment : when the liability of foreignness can become a strategic asset, European International Business Association (EIBA),Vienna, Austria, December 2-4

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