James Anderson Business School

"I have really fond memories of all the people I met. I am still close friends with some of them. The people you meet at university make the experience incredible."

James Anderson,
BA Hons Marketing Graduate 2014

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Why did you decide to study at University of Greenwich?

"I really liked the programme and the courses structure. I was Product Manager for a company before I started my degree but I never had the marketing theory to help improve my skills. I felt the degree at Greenwich would help me apply some theory to my practical experience – helping to further my career."

What did you get involved in while you were studying your degree?
"I went to an IBM summer school for two weeks where I got the opportunity to pitch to agencies and get involved in marketing projects and activities. There were 15 students attendees in total and I met some incredible people."

What advice would you give to new and current students?
"I recommend reading books or chapter in advance of a lecture, so you are ahead of the game. I think university is all about being proactive. It's a three or four-year plan and you have to pace yourself. You have to be able to set a target which you can reach, slowly improving your skills and knowledge in time."

How has your career progressed after university?
"After graduating, I applied for a marketing executive role. They loved my application but offered me an internship due to my lack of experience. I believe that when you work hard opportunities open and this proved true as after accepting the internship, I was offered another job at the same company. I then started to gain experience from different companies, trying to build up my CV and my knowledge."

What are you up to now?
"At the moment, I work within marketing as part of a strategy team for a global company. I have built my career up to the point where I manage a global team in terms of how they use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, which I have used in the past."

What would you say is trending in the industry you are working in? 
"Dynamic marketing is trending right now. Dynamic marketing deals with tools, which can track where an individual has been online and then tailor marketing to suit their interests. It's not about what you want to send them it's what they want to receive from you. This is what everyone's trying to focus on, particularly because audiences' behaviour and interests are always changing."

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