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Dr Mazia Yassim PhD, MA, PGDip, FHEA

Mazia Yassim

Dr Mazia Yassim

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism

Business School

After a short career teaching CIM at a private college in London, Dr Mazia Yassim joined the University of Greenwich as a Visiting Lecturer in 2006. Dr Yassim has also worked as a Visiting Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and University of East London. Dr Yassim started as a permanent member of staff at the University of Greenwich in January 2012.

Involved in teaching and tutoring both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr Yassim's main research interest is in consumer behaviour and emotional experiences within the field of sport marketing. Within the consumer behaviour context, Dr Yassim is also interested in ethnic minority marketing as well as social marketing.

Yassim, M. (2013) "Cricket as a vehicle for community cohesion: Building bridges with British Muslims." Journal of Islamic Marketing, 4:2, 218-227.

Kuenzel, S. and Yassim, M. (2010) "Game experience: An analysis of English and Welsh domestic cricket spectators," International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 15:1, 52-66.

Kuenzel, S. and Yassim, M. (2007) "The effect of joy on the behaviour of cricket spectators: the mediating role of satisfaction," Managing Leisure, 12, 43-57.

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Kuenzel, S. and Yassim, M. (2012) 'Emotional experience of cricket spectators: Linking emotions, game experience and return intentions' Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Southampton, UK.

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