Current full-time MBA students and those in their second year of part-time MBA studies are mentored and supported to organise and deliver the annual MBA conference. 

How is it organised?

The conference is hosted over a day in March. You will be mentored by the Programme Director and supported by the business events team, the MBA students:

  • Appoint a conference committee
  • Decide on the conference title and theme
  • Organise the marketing, logistics, presenters and content.

This is done over a three month period leading up to the conference.

Conference presenters

Presenters at the conference include:

  • The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university
  • 'Keynote' experts from industry, public sector and third sector
  • Senior academics from Greenwich and other universities
  • All MBA students 
  • Overseas student guests from collaborative partners.

Stepping stone in your development

The event is a key point in your professional development as you will have the confidence and competence to present knowledgeably and be questioned on contemporary business issues in front of 100's of academics, industry experts and peers. 

MBA students will have been used to presenting in class and workshop environments for some months already. 

This is all part of the facilitated growth of key professional skills and attributes embedded across the programme.

Previous Business Conference themes:

2010–11 Sink or Swim: Business opportunities and challenges for the next decade
2011–12 FlammaFutura – The flame of the future
2012–13 Making Waves – Creating our future
2013–14 From the Centre of Time…to endless possibilities
2015-2016 The force of change awakens - Evolution or Revolution
2016-2017 Shaping business opportunities in a world of uncertainty
2017-2018 Business Re-creation: Making tomorrow's world

You may notice a common thread here – the focus on making a difference for the future, a valuable mindset of responsible leadership for the organisations of tomorrow.