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Chris Birch

Professor Chris Birch MA, MBA, MInstKT, FHEA

Chris Birch

Professor Chris J Birch

Director of Enterprise & Innovation

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Business School

For the past ten years, Professor Chris Birch has worked at executive level in two universities, including Pro and Deputy Vice-Chancellor roles. Currently, he is Director of Enterprise & Innovation at the University of Greenwich Business School. His responsibilities have included research, enterprise, employer engagement, income generation, regional development, estates and marketing. He has been involved in significant change management programmes, borne out of both necessity and in recognition of the need to become more efficient and effective, in order that more self-generated resource can be used sustainably to support investment activity.

Professor Birch is committed to the principle of creating mutually value-adding partnerships, particularly when shared development of secondary functions lead to more resource being made available for the delivery of core business. He is clear that universities will now have to look very hard at all aspects of their work, and how they operate, as public funding becomes more constrained and contested and as the competitive global environment, underpinned by high speed and cheap communications infrastructure, increasingly challenges traditional university dominance in the provision of higher education services. Furthermore, the impact of forthcoming demographic change will have profound effects and impact on the fitness for purpose of current provider models, which are likely to necessitate systemic structural change.

His experience of the governance and leadership of universities, their overall cultural composition and the fundamental issues relating to funding, quality and the student experience, alongside his political empathy and business knowledge, infer that he can realistically and credibly assess options in a sensitive but rounded way which will be critical to future success.

Research/scholarly interests

  • Curriculum design
  • Pedagogy
  • Workforce development
  • Technology enhanced education
  • Marketing and contemporary social history.

Selected publications

Conference papers

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