SHARE Group Mentoring, is a unique event run each term which enables industry professionals to share their experiences with students studying with the Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences. Mentors from a variety of industries engage with mentees via a question and answer session and concluding networking event.

What is SHARE?

SHARE Group Mentoring is a 2-hour event where students get the chance to meet industry professionals and learn about their careers.

Event includes:

  • A brief overview of mentors' career history and current job role
  • Q+A Mentor panel session
  • Networking with refreshments

After the event, mentors and mentees can begin a 1:1 mentoring relationship lasting for 3 months.

When are they?

We host multiple SHARE events throughout the year. You are welcome to attend as many as you would like.

  • SHARE 1: November 2020
  • SHARE 2: February 2021
  • SHARE 3: May 2021

Exact dates to be confirmed nearer the time.

What will the mentors do?

  • Offer experiences and tips on how to get into industry.
  • Answer questions such as: 'what is the hardest part about your job?' 'Has your educational background helped you in your career?'
  • Listen to students and offer support and guidance.
  • Mentors will be offered full, remote training ahead of the event and a certificate to acknowledge participation.
Small travel subsidies are also available for mentors.

What will the mentees do?

  • Learn about a variety of industries and experiences.
  • Ask informed questions about topics such as; 'How did you find your current role?' and 'How do you maintain a work/life balance?'
  • Make valuable connections with mentors and expand your professional network.
  • Come along to a training workshop ahead of the event to ensure you make the best first impression.

Mentees will receive a certificate to acknowledge participation as well as passport points.

How can I get involved?

Apply to be a Mentor
Apply to be a Mentee

All general enquiries can be directed to: