Centre for Chronic Illness and Ageing

Centre for Chronic Illness and Ageing

We produce original research that responds to "real world" problems with an aim to inform policy, practice and effect change amongst the wider public.

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Research activity

Our goal is to deliver research addressing the challenges created by living with a chronic illness that individuals and their families face throughout the lifespan. Our focus is on understanding ways in which people of all ages can live and age well with chronic illness.

About us

Members of the Centre for Chronic Illness and Ageing are currently developing projects, or working on live studies including cancer biology, management of chronic pain, gait initiation and risk of falls in older people, diabetes, nutrition and public health interventions across the lifespan, sociology of chronic conditions, sport and physical activity to tackle mental health issues, the role of exercise in clinical populations, the long-term social, emotional and economic outcomes of people living with a permanent stoma for IBD, or with idiopathic scoliosis, and experience of Bangladeshi people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We are interested in research and practice involving aspects of any chronic illness, at any stage of life.

ILD | Institute for Lifecourse Development

The ILD is a key anchor resource hosted by the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences. Professionals from related fields will work closely together with researchers and stakeholders from public, charitable and voluntary organisations. Together they will develop effective and economically sustainable lifecourse solutions and tackle the grand challenge agendas society faces.