Centre for Vulnerable Children and Families

Centre for Vulnerable Children and Families

Research and practice to focus on benefiting the lives of vulnerable children and their families across a broad range of contexts internationally.

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Research activity

Our current projects relate to COVID-19 and children's views of coronavirus and their return to school. We host two clusters in the centre: Cluster for the Study of Play and Recreation and Youth Wellbeing Theme. Please contact us if you are interested in collaboration.

About us

Centre for Vulnerable Children and Families is comprised of over 20 members working at the University of Greenwich in the Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences. The team's expertise represents a broad number of disciplines like psychology, social work and counselling, education, teacher education, early years education, health sciences, midwifery, youth and community work, children's nursing, and wellbeing studies.

Our work includes adults preparing for parenthood, prenatal development, childhood and adolescence. We focus on varied experiences of children and young people, including the impact of a parent being imprisoned, the effects of homelessness, factors influencing behaviours including bullying, cyberbullying and anti-social behaviour, disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders, and historical aspects of childhood. We have a strong interest in practice and work within nursing contexts, early education settings as well as within schools, young offenders' institutes and pupil referral units. We have strong networks with researchers and practitioners nationally and internationally, working in countries including Spain, Chile, Uganda and Malaysia.

ILD | Institute for Lifecourse Development

The ILD is a key anchor resource hosted by the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences. Professionals from related fields will work closely together with researchers and stakeholders from public, charitable and voluntary organisations. Together they will develop effective and economically sustainable lifecourse solutions and tackle the grand challenge agendas society faces.

Recent publications


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