I didn’t meet the grades for my offers

If you haven’t met your offers, it doesn’t mean your chance to study at university has gone. Clearing helps you find courses you can access with your results.

Even if you didn't get the results you wanted, there are still options open to you.

UCAS Clearing can help you find the courses that will accept you with your results. Get in touch with our Clearing advisers, who can help to match you to a course.

If you don't meet the requirements for your preferred course, there may still be similar alternatives that are available to you. It's always worth getting in touch!

Follow Kristian's story to see how you could start a course at Greenwich.

Kristian's Clearing Story

Kristian narrowly missed out on the grades he needed to study pharmacy, but all was not lost. After calling our Clearing team, he was invited to apply for the similar pharmaceutical sciences course.

I ended up going through Clearing because I missed out on one A.

"I wasn't fazed that I had to go through Clearing because it was still a subject that I really wanted to do," he says.

"It was still the field that I wanted to study and research in."

He was reassured by his discussions with staff over the phone.

"The staff were really supportive," he says. "They put you at ease because they know what you're going through. They are there to back you up and help you to transition through, no problem at all."