I haven’t yet applied to university

If you aren’t sure about university or you’ve made a late decision to apply, you can still find a place at Greenwich via UCAS Clearing.

Our Clearing experts can help you make a late application to university.

It may be relevant to you if you've had a long break since studying or if your circumstances have changed and you're now ready to come to university.

You'll need your qualifications and some idea of what you want to study. We can then help match you to a course.

Follow Viktoria's story to understand more about how UCAS Clearing works.

Viktoria's Clearing Story

I realised that Greenwich was the right university for me.

Viktoria had received offers from other universities in London but realised that Greenwich was where she wanted to be.

"I went through Clearing because I applied to another university in London. I was accepted," she explains. "But after a few weeks I realised that Greenwich was the right university for me."

Viktoria was concerned about missing an entire year of studying. Before making any rash decisions, she spoke to our Clearing staff for advice.

"They were very helpful and gave me a lot of confidence," she says. "I realised all the options I had here, all the amazing subjects, all the facilities, all the staff here, all the teachers, they are very helpful.

"They make you believe in your dreams and I was completely sure that I had to change," she says. "Sometimes in life you may make wrong decisions, but it's never too late to change your mind."