SHIFT, January 10th 2020

Effective learning relationships for genuine engagement and freedom to learn.

Our annual conference of learning, teaching and assessment is now into its 13th year. The title of our conference series -SHIFT- reflects the changing HE landscape.

About Shift 2020

Our annual conference of learning, teaching and assessment is now into its 13th year.  As ever, the title of our conference series -SHIFT- reflects the changing HE landscape. With subject-level TEF on the horizon it is unsurprising that teaching quality is high on most HE institutions' agendas. Effective learning relationships manifest as 'Engagement', 'Inclusive Practice', 'Participation' and 'Collaboration'; and our own Academic and Student Experience Strategy includes 'personalised learning, support and enrichment [and] a welcome, inclusive and enaging community'. Whilst there is compelling evidence and arguments supporting drives to move from 'one-size-fits-all' pedagogies, the quest for measurable outcomes can sometimes mask more nuanced and qualitative strategies, and risks a sense of a loss of freedom to learn. So, how can we know better who our students are, what their needs and wishes are and create spaces that are genuinely reflect increasingly diverse cohorts? What approaches to inclusion and engagement have we tested? How do we know they work? How well do we involve students in the decision-making or review of such approaches?

As in previous conferences, SHIFT 2020 will allow us to reflect on our own development needs and career aspirations as we start the new spring term. The UK Professional Standards Framework promotes a scholarly approach to teaching and learning and the University's Research and Enterprise Strategy encourages us to research our practice. Preparing or attending a presentation for this conference goes a long way to evidencing those aspects of academic life; sharing is good for the soul AND the career (and can contribute to a GOLD application and career pathway).

Conference themes

Led by Greenwich Learning and Teaching and supported by a cross-faculty committee, the conference will address the following themes through its keynote presentation and parallel sessions; as ever, underpinned by practices that lead to improving teaching, learning and assessment outcomes:

  • Ways of fostering and enhancing effective learning relationships.
  • Teaching approaches that encourage student participation, dialogue, collaboration, autonomy, creativity and criticality.
  • Embracing diversity of background, expectations, orientations and aspiration.
  • Using inclusive principles (e.g. Universal Design) that challenge marginalisation of students with disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues etc.
  • Collaboration, partnership and team working for teaching and learning: between colleagues (within faculties or across disciplines) and with and amongst students, in line with our One University programme.
  • Innovations and research in engaging and diverse assessment and feedback practices.

We invite contributions in a variety of formats from practitioners, professional services staff, researchers and students.  Co-authored presentations with students are particularly encouraged. After reading the information and submission details below, please submit a completed template to by Friday 18 Oct 2019.

Summary of Important Dates 2019-2020

Proposal submission deadline

Friday 18th October 2019

Authors receive feedback on proposals

Thursday 15th November 2019

Re-submissions deadline

Thursday 22nd November 2019

Delegate registration closes

Friday 6th  Dec 2019

Submit presentations to

Wednesday 7th  Jan 2020


Friday 10th  Jan 2020

Deadline for Compass Journal papers

Tuesday 10th Mar 2020


Further information:



0208 331 7683

How to submit:

Please submit using the proposal template on page 5 to by midnight on Friday 18th October 2019. All proposals will be blind reviewed and considered with reference to the conference aims and themes. The lead author will be notified of the decision relating to their proposals by the published date. Once accepted they will be added to the conference webpage.

You may contact the organisers by e-mail at any point up to the submission deadline to discuss potential contributions. Submissions should be made using the proposal form (see page 5-6). Once received, any personal details will be removed to ensure a blind review, considered with reference to the conference aims and themes, and you will be notified of the decision by the published deadline.

Shift'20 committee:

Debbie Bartlett; Shapna Compton; Mayo Femi-Obalemo (GSU); Poppy Gibson; Alison Gilmour; Janet Harper; Denise Hawkes; Leroi Henry; Agnieszka Herdan; Cos Ierotheou; Yong Lin; Jing Luo; Hai Nguyen; Dawn Reilly; Jono Smith (GSU); Lucy Smith; Marlon Stiell; Tania Struetzel; Kat Vallely; Catherine (Hyunsoon) Yoon;

Privacy Notice

When you book this conference we process information about who you are and your contact details; information that you provide on adjustments that may need to be made to enable you to attend and your dietary requirements. This information will be used by relevant University of Greenwich employees to manage your attendance and participation at SHIFT 2020 and enable you to provide your feedback afterwards. The data that you provide will be held for a period of 5 years and will not be shared with third parties. General information about the university's approach to data protection and to your rights can be found here