Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation

The Centre is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom to develop an understanding of the role of children's play, informal education and activity-based learning throughout the life-cycle.

Despite increasing recognition of the significance of play in the development of children and young people, and concerns within the European Union about leisure opportunities for the elderly, no national centre exists in the UK to enable the public, as well as interested professionals, to access information and advice about the theoretical and social underpinning of play and informed practice.

The centre, located in the Department of Education & Community Studies in the Faculty of Education & Health, has expertise in multi-disciplinary approaches to childhood, youth studies and education. It links theory and fieldwork in all aspects of play and recreation, from infancy to old age, across cultures and nations.

This approach has been reflected in the research interests and seminars and conferences that the research team have developed. The launch of the centre on 12 May 2011 marked the progress the team have made towards establishing a lively base for research and practice for academics, practitioners and students who wish to explore ideas related to play and recreation, drawing from the widest possible range of scholarly activity and research.

Our aims

  • To develop research into play and recreation as multi-disciplinary areas of academic inquiry, making links between theory and practice.
  • To make links with relevant organisations in education, playwork and leisure, whether voluntary or government-funded.
  • To make research and good practice available to the wider community of parents, practitioners and the general public.
  • To further understand the ways play is affected by social, political and chronological contexts.
  • To develop ways of communicating research and practice into the social benefits of play and recreation to the wider society within and outside the UK.

Friends scheme

We have developed a scheme to enable interested parties to become friends of the Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation. If you would like to become a friend, please e-mail playandrecreation@gre.ac.uk, and we will update you on this exciting scheme as soon as we can.

Contact us

If you are interested in collaborating with us, commissioning research, or require further information about the Centre for the Study of Play & Recreation please contact:

Centre for the Study of Play & Recreation
Faculty of Education and Health
Dreadnought Building
Old Royal Naval College 
Park Row
London SE10 9LS
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Telephone: +44 (0)208 331 9919

E-mail: playandrecreation@greenwich.ac.uk

Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation is part of the Faculty of Education & Health, University of Greenwich.