Research Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation

Our current research interests include the psychology and philosophy of play, the history of play and recreation and more.

Our current research interests include:

  • Play as a multi-disciplinary area of study
  • The psychology and philosophy of play
  • History of play and recreation
  • Playwork and community engagement
  • Children's geographies and use of space in play
  • Recycling and reuse materials for play
  • Toys and play equipment
  • Gender and identity construction through play
  • Community farms
  • History of childhood and adolescence
  • Museums and material culture
  • Sick children's play
  • War and play
  • Lifelong learning and adult recreation
  • Older people's leisure activities: disability

Research projects

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Publications and reports

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Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation is part of the Faculty of Education & Health, University of Greenwich.