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Youth, Recreation and Play: History, Sociology, Evolutionary Biology

The centre has produced a special edition of Youth and Policy (2013) 'Youth, Recreation and Play: History, Sociology, Evolutionary Biology'

In this issue:

Martin, M. C., Smith, J. (2013) Introduction: Youth, Recreation and Play: Interdisciplinary perspectives, p.1.

Martin, M.C. (2013) Roman Catholic Girl Guiding in Sussex, 1912-1919: Origins, Ideology, Practice. In: Youth and Policy , p.5.

Papapolydorou, M. (2013) Direct, Indirect and Relational: Social Class Manifestations in Teenage Students' Accounts. In: Youth and Policy , p.25.

Smith, J. (2013) The construction of childhood, learning and play: an evolutionary and ecological revision. In: Youth and Policy , p.44.

Sidorenko, E. (2013)Identity, youth and post-modern social landscapes. In: Youth and Policy , p.58.

Hall, K. (2013) THINKING SPACE: The Future of Targeted Youth Support as Second Class Social Work. In: Youth and Policy , p.77.

Jeffs, T. (2013)OBITUARY: Michael Butterfield – 1926-2013 In: Youth and Policy , p.82. [Available at:]

Play from Past to Present: Global Perspectives

This volume is the outcome of the first conference, held in 2010, to be published by the Childhood in the Past monograph series (Oxbow books, projected date 2014).

This contains essays from:

  • Jill Shefrin - Children's School Pieces
  • Adrian Seville - The Game of the Goose
  • Midori Yamaguchi - From The Vicarage To The Stage, in 19th-Century Clergy Families
  • Sophie Heywood - The Holy Childhood Association In France
  • Valentina Boretti - Toys and Chinese National Identity
  • Deborah Gaitskell - Moralising Leisure Time in South Africa
  • Mary Clare Martin - Girl Guides in Britain, France and Poland
  • Erica Simmons - (American playgrounds)
  • Joy Thompson - Playgroups in the 1960s

Multi-Cultural Toys

A special issue of Childhood in the Past (Maney Publishing) entitled 'Multi-Cultural Toys'. This issue includes Rania Hafez writing on her childhood in Lebanon, and Ewa Sidorenko on toys in Poland.

Hafez, R., Sidorenko, E. (Forthcoming) Multi-Cultural Toys. In: Childhood in the Past.

Other relevant publications

Mary Clare Martin, "Race, Indigeneity,and the Baden-Powell Girl Guides:Age, Gender and the British World, 1908-1920", in Shirleene Robinson and Simon Sleight, eds, Children, Childhood and Youth and the British World, (Houndmills, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), 161-182.

Smith, J. (2014) Structure, agency, complexity theory and interdisciplinary research in Education Studies. In: Policy Futures in Education, forthcoming, 11 (5), p.566-576.

Sidorenko, E. (2008) Which way to Poland? Re-emerging from Romantic unity. In Myant, M, Cox, T. eds. Reinventing Poland. Economic and political transformation and evolving national identity Routledge: Oxon.

Cranwell, K. (2009) A History of Nineteenth Century Organised Children's Play: Play, Organisation and the out-of-school child in London (1860-1914). VDM, Verlag.

Martin, M.C. (2007) Visibility and Invisibility: British and French Roman Catholic Girl Guides in Peace and War, 1908-1950. In Nilsson, L. ed, The European City in Comparative Perspective, University of Stockholm, CD.

Martin, M.C., (2006) Gender, Religion and Recreation: Flora Lucy Freeman and Working-Girls' Clubs 1880-1920. In: Gilchrist, R., Jeffs, T., Spence,J., eds, Drawing on the Past: Studies in the History of Community and Youth Work, Leicester, National Youth Agency, p.68-74.

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