Date of release: Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dr Ovidio Catanzano A bid by Greenwich scientists to reduce the pain of chronic leg ulcers and pressure sores has been commended by the UK Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The research into how innovative polymer film dressings can deliver painkillers, alongside other leg ulcer treatment medications, was presented at the recent UKPharmSci 2015 conference in Nottingham.

The research programme is led by Dr Joshua Boateng, from the university's Faculty of Engineering & Science. He says: "An ageing population and the increasing number of people with diabetes, who are prone to developing ulcers, means that this is a significant and growing problem.

"Our colleagues in the Faculty of Education & Health highlighted the considerable pain experienced by older adults with leg ulcers and pressure sores when their dressings are changed each day. Our established expertise in delivering medication with polymer films meant that we had the potential to deliver a solution."

Dr Boateng, Principal Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Formulation Science and Technology, is now hoping to launch trials of the dressings in the laboratory which, if successful, could lead to clinical trials. If everything goes to plan, the new dressings could be available to leg ulcer and pressure sore sufferers within five years.

He adds: "The university funded a £37,000 one-year research programme to investigate new ways of dressing ulcers with sufficient painkillers to ease the serious discomfort of dressing changes. We are now seeking additional funding to take our research forward."

Story by Public Relations

Picture: Dr Ovidio Catanzano, of the University of Greenwich, with the commended conference poster at UKPharmSci 2015.