Date of release: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shashi Ravi Suman Rudrangi, MRSC, PhD Student of Professor Stephen R. Wicks, Dr Bruce D. Alexander and Dr Vivek Trivedi has:

  • presented his research entitled ‘Preparation of econazole-CD complexes using a single-step, organic-solvent-free supercritical fluid process’, at the ‘17th International Cyclodextrin Symposium (ICS17)’, held at Saarbrücken, Germany between 29-31 May, 2014.
  • been awarded ‘The Gordon J. Tiddy Travel Bursary’ from The Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) of the Royal society of Chemistry to attend and present his research at the ICS17 conference.
  • also been awarded the 'Best Poster Prize' from Professor G Wenz, the Chairman of ICS17.

SR22Shashi says: ‘The 17th International Cyclodextrin Symposium (ICS17) was a fantastic opportunity for me to liaise and make contact with world-leading scientists in the field of cyclodextrin research and I hope to use the feedback and knowledge gained to enhance my future studies

200 scientists from all over the world have attended the conference while 140 researchers have presented their work at the conference. I am happy to receive the 'Best Poster Award' at the conference.

I would like to thank the Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) of the Royal society of Chemistry for awarding me The Gordon J. Tiddy Travel Bursary and providing me with an opportunity to attend and present my work to an international audience. Special thanks must go to my supervisors Doctors Wicks, Alexander and Trivedi for encouraging me to attend such an excellent conference’.

Dr. Alexander commented, “We are very pleased for Shashi that he has been given this international recognition for his hard work. He has come a long way since joining our MSc Formulation Science and he has really developed during his PhD to the point where he is Co-Chair of the Students Association of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Great Britain. We look forward to seeing him contribute to the field more in the years to come.”