Date of release: Friday, January 17, 2014

Shashi Ravi Suman Rudrangi, PhD student of Professor Steve Wicks and Dr Bruce Alexander; Reham Mohsen Momee; PhD student of Professor Martin Snowden and Dr Bruce Alexander have been elected as board members of the Students Association of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPS).


The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the professional body for the pharmaceutical sciences in Great Britain. It has established a number of focus groups which deal with specific areas of interest with the pharmaceutical arena. SAPS is the student-led platform connecting, representing and developing today’s aspiring scientists in the Great Britain. The main aims of the association are to help students from a wide range of backgrounds to connect with like-minded individuals from both academia and industry and lay solid foundations for a successful scientific career and a lifelong association with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Shashi and Reham say that, 'We have joined SAPS because of the excellent opportunities the group provides to network with fellow scientists and also to extend our sphere of learning. Being board members, we are happy to represent the University of Greenwich at the association and will be committed to helping SAPS prosper!’