Date of release: Wednesday, August 26, 2015


We wanted to ask our sports science students what they really thought about their time at the University of Greenwich.

Here is what they say

"My time at Greenwich has taught me an incredible amount of skills, not only academically, but also work skills such as how to interact with professionals both in person and through my cv, which ultimately will help me gain a good career. It has given me confidence in myself that I have strong subject knowledge and I feel ready to embrace the world of sports science with a fresh view on things, new ideas, and a lot to offer. The lecturers were outstanding with their pastoral care and support and I am very thankful for their commitment and dedication to me and my studies. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience with Greenwich studying Sports Science and it is one which will stay with me for life ". 
Holly Famiglietti – First Class Sports Science Graduate 2015

"My time studying Sports Science at Greenwich University is one that will stay with me throughout life. Not only were the academic subjects both interesting and challenging, but the lecturers were passionate about ensuring that I knew how to apply my knowledge in practical situations, and I believe that this has been the main contributor to why I am so prepared for working life. The lecturers are unbelievably supportive and wanted me to do well, which filled me with the confidence that I needed to thrive".
Emily Sanderson – First Class Sports Science Graduate 2015

"Throughout my three years at Greenwich, help was never far away and is always available. Each lecturer always makes plenty of time to assist you in anyway possible. On top of this the lecture content and the way it's presented is very enjoyable and extremely easy to follow, allowing maximal chances for success. The only problem you are going to have is trying to figure out which Mark is which! Lol!".
Scott Wilson – First Class Sports Science Graduate 2015

"I have really enjoyed my time at the University of Greenwich. Through out my 3 years I have been able to develop, expand and apply my scientific knowledge in a range of settings. The university is a great place to study and provides excellent education from extremely knowledgeable lectures."
George Demetriou – First Class Sports Science Graduate 2015

"The BSc Sport Science course has been thoroughly enjoyable and has prepared me well for the world of work beyond University. The staff offered support throughout my time at the university and continue to do so as a graduate."
Katie Harding – First Class Sports Science Graduate 2015

"My time at Greenwich has galvanized me to accomplish my dreams. The course is structured in a such way that students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge from the first two years into their final year project. The lecturers are established pioneers in the field of sports  science which helps the students test their research in a professional environment. The library is up to date with the latest journals and useful technological tools as well stacked with an array of books. My experience of Greenwich has been life changing."
Atharva Tere - First Class BSc Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching

"In addition to the knowledge and brilliant guidance throughout the academic year, the Master in Strength and Conditioning has given me the confidence, independence, perseverance and the guts to start my own successful business, for which I am extremely grateful!"
Liesbeth Stevens, Physiotherapist (Belgium) and Graduate Masters Strength and Conditioning 2014 (UoG)

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