Date of release: Thursday, May 23, 2013

School of Science to offer Work Experience Placements to Postgraduate students

Increasingly, employers look for graduates with experience in real-life work projects in addition to an excellent degree.  The University of Greenwich’s School of Science is pleased to offer students both.  We provide a world-class education and make students more competitive in the jobs market by giving the opportunity to complete optional, 2-month work placements at no cost to the student.   These take place after the 12 month Master’s degree and are therefore not part of the assessed Master’s programme.

The initiative consists of students being given set projects with clear goals and will involve significant training and personal development to enable students to gain industrially relevant skills.  These skills are tangible, allowing students to deepen their resume. Placements run under the guidance of the School of Science using the world-class facilities at the University.

The skills students will gain / improve vary between MSc degrees. All MSc degrees in the School of Science are included, covering the entire suite of our Environmental, GIS, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Sports programmes.

The view the School’s MSc degrees, the skills students can expect to develop with each placement and typical careers students progress onto click here: [pdf download]

Please note that students will be awarded placements on a competitive basis following an interview and must have demonstrated progression towards and MSc with Merit prior to applying.

Any students interested in the University’s Postgraduate Science degrees can read more about each on here or make an application here.